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The railway sector is a strategic sector for any country. With the advancement of technologies and modernization of the service of this essential form of transportation, the Spanish railway sector is carrying out a comprehensive modernization with the construction of new quality infrastructure in line with European policy and has achieved a lot of success, as a consequence it occupies a solid site between countries with the most advanced rail system. Spain has extensive experience in the technologies of the construction of wagons, and equipment for trains, seats, fronts, doors, lighting, ceilings, design and optimization. It is a sector that is in constant development whose experience could be shared in Russia.

JMV Business Opportunities together with its partners carries out several projects in successful operations with Spanish companies that carry the most contemporary trends in the railway sector that are approved at the public level in Russia.

The establishment of productive relationships between companies in both countries makes it possible to find companies with tailored technologies that are strengths of the commercial experience of JMV BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES in this sector.